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On launching Bakery108, Christmas Markets & Santa Hats.

Posted 20-12-17 in News

‘You’ll have to wear a Santa hat, of course’ said Helen.

We were planning our stall for the Bishopston Christmas Market and festive headgear was not high on my priority list.

The Christmas Market at Bishop Road Primary has a special place in my heart as my son went to school there and I have spent many happy evenings shopping there. It’s also right in the heart of our neighbourhood, and so seemed a logical place to launch Bakery108. Being an online and home delivery bakery may put us at the forefront of food trends, but it can be hard for people to get to know us without a shop front: no enticing smells and tempting treats in the window to draw people in. So the Christmas market seemed like a great opportunity to introduce ourselves and – most importantly – give people the chance to try out our baking.

Two days later Helen announced that she had a present for me: ‘I chose it especially to match mine!’ she proudly announced. Reluctantly, I tried the Santa hat and, much to my surprise, loved it. Really loved it (as in didn’t want to take it off).

Fast forward to market day – the coldest day of the year so far – and the Santa hat kept me warm and put me in a Christmassy mood. There were lots of friendly people wishing us well and trying our samples: the panettone was a real favourite (it is a bit of a revelation if you’ve only had boxed ones before) as well as the Boozy Christmas Brownies (Helen identified a special ‘oooh that’s lovely’ expression that people had when they tried them). And the warm Christmas pudding samples were a hit too – lots of lovely comments about how light and delicious it was.

It was a lovely way to get to meet people and tell them what Bakery108 is all about: delicious breads and cakes baked at home and delivered to our neighbourhood. And a very good excuse to wear my new favourite hat.


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