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Bakery108 is an independent Bristol microbakery making delicious, hand-crafted breads and cakes and delivering them to our local neighbourhood in BS6 and BS7.  Co-founders Helen and Carla have created a bakery that brings together the tradition of delicious home cooking with skilled artisan techniques.  They draw inspiration from the food cultures of Cyprus and Canada as well as classic British and Continental baking.

Helen and Carla are passionate about using high-quality ingredients for Bakery108.  They source from local suppliers wherever possible, with flour from Shipton Mill in Gloucestershire, eggs from Chestnut Farm in Frampton Cottrell, dried fruit and nuts from Essential Trading Cooperative in Bristol and chocolate from Willie’s Cacao in Devon to name a few.  Bakery108 is also proud to accept the Bristol Pound.

Bakery108 is firmly rooted in the community that Helen and Carla have lived in for over 20 years.  Having cooked for friends and neighbours for the last two decades, they have created Bakery108 as the natural extension of their desire to bring the joy of beautiful baking to others.

Read more about the Bakery108 story (including the origins of the name) on our blog and keep up to date with Helen and Carla’s adventures in baking.


Carla Shepherd


Carla loves cooking (and eating) all kinds of food, but there is a special place in her heart for baked goods. Growing up on a dairy farm in Ontario, Canada, her earliest memories are of family meals with the best home cooking for miles around. Carla’s mother gave her a love of good food and taught her the cooking techniques that she has used all her life. She soon mastered many Canadian favourites like the chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins and Nanaimo bars that fed family, farm workers, and villagers at church teas. Carla’s move to the U.K. in 1993 was the beginning of her love affair with making cakes. From crowd-pleasing cupcakes for the Bishop Road Primary cake sales and delicious everyday loaf cakes, to countless occasion cakes (including her own wedding cake) Carla has always loved the joy of sharing her wonderful baking with others. With Bakery108 Carla is excited to be joining Helen to bake for many more friends and neighbours.


Helen Lockett


Helen came to England from Cyprus as a babe in arms. Growing up in the 70s, her parents had little money, but spent as much as they could afford on fresh ingredients. Helen’s mum, who worked long hours, always cooked from scratch and bought fresh bread (like Helen’s favourite, Koulouri) from the local Greek bakery. Throughout Helen’s long career in the NHS, cooking and baking was a joy and an abiding passion. Helen says that there is nothing like the faces of friends and family gathered around a table heavy with good food and the smell of freshly baked bread in the air. When she decided to retire from the NHS, Helen knew she was ready for a new challenge. Her daughter Katie asked “what do you really love doing?”. And so Helen embarked on the Advanced Baking Diploma at the prestigious School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire. While studying, she would return home on Fridays, laden with the week’s baking and give it to eager neighbours and friends. Naturally they all wanted to know what Helen’s plans were when she finished her course – Bakery108 was the answer!

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